That's my Birthday in Y2012

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โอย กรี๊ด ดีเลยยยย์
ขนาดจะเขียนแฮปตัวเองยังดีเลย์ได้อีก สามารถนักค่ากรู 555
แต่เพราะว่าแก่แล้วเลยไม่ได้ซีเรียสอะไรกะวันเกิดมากอะนะ นับอายุยังนับไม่ค่อยจะถูก ฮาาา

November 16..
Birthday celebration ,,*u*,,!! /จุดพลุปุ้งปัง (ในมโนสำนึก ออนลี่ XD)
(ตั้งใน fb ผิดไปวันนึง อุแอ่ะ ยังไม่ได้แก้เดส)
It's an another year I feel that I got ton of love and care from all of u!
Thank you so much for keeping me in touch, although I think I have less talk with others, many of u are still thinking of me.

It makes me so PROUD!!!
It's quite good when knowing how lucky I am, having great number of ppl care for *////*
"Thank you! and Thank You again"
(Oh! I said like Tiger&Bunny Sky high's dialogue *laugh*)

"Thank you"
For everybody, and every wishes via all channels : twitter, fb, line, sms, and verbally!
from พี่ๆ and น้องๆทุกคน (ไล่ชื่อไม่ได้ค่า ม่างโคตรเยอะ)
Your messages were captured and saved in drive D already! Really thank you so much!
I had never seen huge amount of notification like this before *___*b
I'm so HAPPY!!!

//Actually I want to post the captured photos in this blog na, but it's too much rrrrrrrrrrrrr =[]=
//Too lazy to upload many photos ni naaaaaaa *คร่อกกกกกกกก*

"Thank you"
For gifts, cakes, and lovely treat <3
from p'p' senior at office who want to surprise me with BD cake, but I know your secret plan na eiei
from my freinds in school and university, who always care for me :D
from Neverland for Nyanko sensei, the 1st BD gift this year which I got since October 55555
from Wangbrachao for wonderful words like [be RICH] 555555555555555
from MVP for fun and warm dinner (e May pay for me duay la, Thx หลายๆ!!/ p'Ice present is still extraordinary as ever *o*!!!)
from Nine for (the future) high class international buffet!!! *drool over*
from Pz for taking me tour for eating around Sukhumvit line 55555555
Ps. to p'Oat, p'Cherry: Let's meet next chance na ka. I think Dreamworld might not nobel enough, so we couldn't make it 55555555




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สุขสันต์วันเกิดย้อนหลังนะคร้าบ ^_^
ขอให้มีความสุขมากๆ สมหวังทุกเรื่องน๊า

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Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!

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